Year 6 Magistrates Talk

Wednesday 27 July 2016

On Thursday 30 June, Year 6 were visited by two magistrates who talked to the girls about what their jobs entail. They presented a variety of scenarios and the class decided whether they were guilty or innocent.

“Magistrates work in court and decide if the criminal is innocent or guilty. If the crime deserved more than 6 months in prison, they would be sent to the Crown Court.” – Zara A

“Mr Crispin asked the year how much they think a magistrate gets paid a day. Everyone in the year had a guess, some said £1000 and others said £500. It turns out that magistrates do not get paid a single penny which really surprised me!” – Sara

“Later on we did a role play where we were pretending to be in court. The case was a theft, the girl was believed to have been seen stealing a bike from a boy’s front door. We had to decide whether the girl was innocent or not.” – Lucy

“I found the talk very interesting and I might consider becoming a magistrate when I am older.” – Isabelle

Thank you to Mr Crispin and Mrs Grundy for a very informative and interesting day.