Year 6 Enterprise Challenge

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Year 6 participated in this year’s Fiver Challenge, a national competition for young people that encourages future aspirations and enterprise. The girls were pledged £5 and challenged with turning it in to a profit. They needed to collaborate in teams to establish their business plan and design a product or service. The girls carried out market research, created a promotional video, designed advertising posters and looked at how to use spreadsheets. They nominated a ‘banker’ who looked after the money, logged their expenses and kept receipts.

On Monday 1 July, Year 6 held a table top sale on the patio outside St Nicholas House Hall. Preparations took place to ensure the tables were as appealing as possible and the girls waited excitedly for the parents to start arriving. The sale was a huge success and the girls had a fantastic experience. Most groups sold out of their products. Back in the classroom the money was counted and the profit calculated. Team ‘Gimika’ came 3rd with £32.09 profit, team ‘Hama Beads’ came second earning £33.02 profit and the winning team was ‘PEAMCP’ with £33.85 profit.

Collectively, the teams made £172.76 profit and have opted to split the money three ways – Hoodies Handout, an initiative established by the brother of a Year 6 pupil, Guide Dogs for the Blind and a small treat for the class.