Year 6 day at Cuffley Camp

Thursday 24 October 2013

On 10 September 2013 Year 6 went on a trip to Cuffley Camp. We set off at 8.15am and when we got off the coach we got into our groups.

When our instructor, Jess had finished taking us through the safety rules we headed to our first activity; Shelter Building. We had to work in our teams to build a shelter out of sticks, logs and leaves and we had a time limit of 30 minutes. Once we had chosen a tree to build the shelter on we started collecting logs, leaves and leafy branches for the top of the shelter. When we had all our equipment we started building.  We found a ‘home sweet home’ sign to put on the door. When we had finished building we needed to get on with putting leaves on the shelter. When we finally finished building our shelter it was time testing time. The first test was a safety test. Jess had to shake the shelter and if it fell down it did not pass – ours just about passed but some logs had to be pulled out. The next test was the waterproof test when Jess poured water all over the shelter – none of the shelters survived this!

Our next activity was one of my favourites – it was circus skills. We had to practise some skills and see which one you could do best.  I decided to do Devil Sticks.  We had to get into a team and practise and perform to the other groups.

After lunch we set off for our next activity – problem solving. There were three problems – one where you and your team had to cross a ‘swamp’, one where you had to cross some ‘thin ice’, another where you had to get from one ‘cliff edge’ to the other and the last once when you had to get through a ‘spider’s web’.  Our team thought they were really tricky but we soon got through them.

The last activity we had to complete was Orienteering. We had to find the correct stamps for the numbers on the sheet we were given. We found all the stamps and headed back.

It was time to leave. We all had a great time at Cuffley Camp and I would definitely go again.

Alex, Year 6