Year 6 Chelsea Physic Garden Workshops

Wednesday 25 September 2019

On Tuesday 24 September, Year 6 travelled to London to visit the Chelsea Physic Garden.

“When we arrived a lady talked about what we were going to do there and showed us some interesting left over seed cases.

First we started with a tour through the garden where we learnt so many interesting facts about plants and saw lots of beautiful species. A few of the plants had very big leaves, others were in different shades of green and some had colourful flowers. We even saw some poisonous plants!

We stood under a shelter out of the rain and planted two nasturtium seeds in pots made out of rice, which is very environmentally friendly because it will degrade easily.

When we came back inside, we were given a selection of seed cases and a little book to draw in; it was fun drawing all the unusual shapes of seeds. We also made a ‘goodnight sleep sack’ out of lavender, hops and chamomile.

For our next activity, we went outside to pick up bits of fallen leaves and seeds which we then stuck on to a piece of card to make either your initials or a picture.

The most interesting fact of the day is that strawberries can help with toothache, sunburn, diarrhoea and can even clean your teeth!

Despite all the rain, we had so much fun. It was a lovely garden and a very interesting day.

By Martha (Year 6 Science Ambassador)

Chelsea Physic Garden was an amazing experience to learn about the growing and adaptation of plant life. We all enjoyed looking at the pond life and had the opportunity to plant our own seeds which we were able to take home and grow.

We had two informative guides taking us around the garden and showing us beautiful and interesting plants and flowers.

We also saw the Sir Hans Sloane Statue. He was the founder of the British Museum and inventor of drinking chocolate.

We had a great time at the Chelsea Physic Garden and we recommend it!

By Olivia H (Year 6 Science Ambassador)