Year 5 K’Nex Engineering Challenge

Thursday 7 March 2019

On Monday 4 March, Year 5 pupils took part in an engineering workshop run by SETPOINT.

Cynthia, our STEM ambassador, led the session and set the girls the task of building flying machine of the future using K’Nex. She is a Senior Lecturer in biology at King’s College London, and a passionate advocate for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The girls worked in teams to first design their machines and then to build their vehicles.

The teams had to work to specific criteria and then assess their vehicle accordingly. Their flying machine had to be aerodynamic. It had to have at least two strong, well balanced wings, wheels for landing and taking off and a form of rocket or jet engine. After presenting their design features and justifying their choices, Cynthia judged all entries.

Yasmin and Olivia won the competition and received their medals from Cynthia. The effort of all pupils was recognised with a SETPOINT certificate.

All of the pupils had a wonderful morning of STEM activities!