Year 5 Forensic Science Workshop

Tuesday 6 February 2018

Year 5 Forensic WorkshopYear 5 Forensic WorkshopYear 5 Forensic Workshop

On Thursday 1 February, Year 5 pupils were joined by teams from Nash Mills Primary School, Tanners Wood and Abbots Langley School to help to solve a mystery using Forensic Science.

They had several clues to help them along, but first they needed to learn some forensic techniques. The Forensic Workshop began with teams being introduced to three different skills – finger print lifting, using a microscope to look closely at fibres and chromatography. These would be key in solving the crime!

After successfully using their new techniques and comparing footprints left with the suspects’ shoes, the pupils identified the criminal who was led away in chains to be sentenced!

The pupils worked collaboratively together, using their new found skills brilliantly. They were interested in the practical use of science and had many interesting questions to ask. It was a great afternoon where pupils were able to use problem solving, work together and use scientific skills to solve a crime.

“I enjoyed it when we put the chromatography paper into the water and the colours rose. It was really interesting.” – Matilda, Nash Mills Primary School Pupil

“I liked the investigation about who stole a lab coat; we had to find out whose shoes had made the footprints. We used powder to identify fingerprints too. It was fun and very interesting at the same time.” – Zac, Nash Mills Primary School Pupil

“The children were all thrilled to be part of the Forensics Workshop. Putting on the lab coats instantly made them feel like real scientists and they enthusiastically undertook the chromatography, finger print examination and microscope use. It all became quite competitive as each team raced to solve the mystery of the missing lab coat!

It was great to see them collaborating with their peers, sharing out the tasks and applying their new-found knowledge whilst carefully using a range of equipment.” – Teaching Assistant at Nash Mills Primary School