Year 5 Forensic Science Workshop

Friday 31 March 2017

On Wednesday 29 March, 10 pupils in Year 5 took part in a Forensic Science Day. They were joined by pupils from Nash Mills Primary School.

The Forensic Workshop began with teams being introduced to three different skills – finger print lifting, using a microscope to look closely at fibres and chromatography. These would be key in solving the crime!

Mr Lloyd’s lab coat had been stolen but the culprit had left behind fingerprints, a shoe print, a pen and some cloth fibres. After some preliminary investigation, the girls closed in on three members of staff; Mrs Baker, Mr Lewis and Mr Manning. Shoe and finger prints were collected from each of the suspects and the teams applied their newly learnt skills to collect enough evidence to convict the thief.

The entire group reached the same conclusion and Mrs Baker was apprehended!

Well done to the girls who took part, it was a great afternoon where they were able to use problem solving, work collaboratively and use scientific skills to solve a crime.