Year 3 Workshops by Affinity Water

Monday 17 February 2020

On Thursday 13 February, Affinity Water provided an exciting water workshop for Year 3 to enable the girls to think about how water is being used at school and in their lives.

The girls undertook a series of exciting water experiments, where they had to work scientifically and as a team. They were able to experiment with different filters to find out how water is cleaned and made safe to drink, as well as the source of common pollutants in water sources. They particularly enjoyed establishing which items commonly cause blockages in waste water drains, by testing whether toilet roll, wipes and other materials broke down into small particles.

After the exciting experiments were finished, the girls surveyed the school and collected data to identify how and where water is being used and how it is potentially being wasted. They considered ways that the school can be more efficient to save water, energy and money.

Thank you to Jo from Affinity Water for the wonderful and informative workshops.