Year 3 learn about growing plants

Friday 26 April 2019

Mr Cutler, Assistant Groundsman at Abbot’s Hill, talked to Year 3 about how plants are grown in the school. In the greenhouse, the girls were able to see the different stages of growing a new plant.

First, Mr Cutler planted seeds in individual sections of a tray. These were kept warm in the greenhouse and watered occasionally.

Once they had germinated and began to shoot, they were moved into a larger tray. After the leaves began to grow, they were then moved to a small tub to continue to grow. When they flower, they will move to pots around the school. This process takes about 2 months, but the bulbs take longer.

Mr Cutler also explained that some plants were able to seed themselves around the school due to birds, animals or the wind.

We are looking forward to seeing the new plants around the school soon!