Year 2 learn about fruit and vegetables

Monday 26 February 2018

On Tuesday 20 February, Mrs Wheeler-Smith, the Head Chef and Mrs Rance, Domestic Bursar at Abbot’s Hill visited Year 2 to show the girls a selection of fruit and vegetables to support their learning in science, geography and design technology.

The group tried to work out what the items were and if they were a fruit or vegetable, by discussing how they were grown.

The girls thought about their science work where they have learnt about how to eat healthily and the importance of eating the right amounts of different types of food. They discussed the importance of fruit and vegetables in our diet, because they help to keep us healthy and stay well. Looking at the school’s lunch menu for the week, the girls identified some of the fruit and vegetable choices on offer and looked forward to trying something new!

In geography, Year 2 have been exploring about food reaches us and Mrs Wheeler-Smith explained how they reached the school – some of them had to fly from the across the world to reach us! We looked at the strawberries’ packaging and found that were imported from Spain. Mrs Rance explained that this was because it is too cold to grow strawberries right now.

As part of Year 2’s Design and Technology cooking unit, the class are planning to make their own smoothies so the girls needed to investigate the tastes and textures of fruit and vegetables. They tried a selection of fruit and vegetables to see if they liked them or not. After tasting them, the girls found out that their favourite fruit or vegetable out of them all was strawberry!

The pupils were very lucky as Mrs Wheeler-Smith also made them a smoothie to try and they had to guess the ingredients. The girls knew it had strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and oranges by the taste, but they didn’t guess that it also had spinach in!

Thank you to Mrs Rance and Mrs Wheeler-Smith for helping Year 2 with their learning and for bringing lots of delicious fruit and vegetables to try!