Year 11 Geography Field Trip to Yorkshire

Thursday 24 October 2013

Sixteen enthusiastic Year 11s left a cold and windy Hertfordshire on Thursday 11 September and headed for an even colder, wetter Yorkshire. On arrival we visited the coast at Flamborough Head and explored the exciting caves and arches left by the water. We also learnt about other features created by the water (including a dinosaur in the sea!) and analysed the cliffs to understand how waves erode the land. After a delicious ice cream we headed to our home for the next three nights – the Cranedale Centre. The fantastic food and accommodation were a great start to our stay and the friendly staff taught us a lot about the area. We stayed in the classroom until 9pm and then after our tiring day we went up to our rooms to bed.

The next day we visited the River Derwent and collected data for our controlled assessments at three different sites, competing for some chocolate for the quickest team at the last one! We arrived home and entered our data into a spreadsheet before dinner and another classroom session until 9pm. Saturday was spent in the town of Bridlington collecting data including pedestrian counts and environmental quality indices to assess whether the resort was stagnating or rejuvenating. We had five minutes to boost the local economy and did some sweet shopping! We returned to the centre for dinner before our lesson in which we analysed our data.

Our last day was spent on the windy coast analysing case studies for our final exam. We looked at the sea defences and risks in two areas before returning to the station for a long train journey home.

Although we worked very hard the trip was great fun. It was a lovely place to stay and going to Yorkshire was a fantastic way to enhance our geographical knowledge.

India, Year 11