Year 11 GCSE Geography Field Trip

Tuesday 10 September 2019

On Thursday 5 September, the Year 11 GCSE Geography students embarked on a field trip to Yorkshire.

Before reaching the Cranedale Centre, we visited Flamborough Head. We began by sketching the headland and studying the geographical features. We then wandered down to the sea where we got the opportunity to clamber through a mini arch. The highlight was visiting the famous dinosaur stack!

Upon arriving at Cranedale, we had a tour around the site before dinner. We were particularly pleased with the 3 course meal after a long day of travelling! The food was very tasty and the staff were enthusiastic in making our stay as pleasant as possible.

On Friday, we visited the upper course of the River Derwent to answer the enquiry question for our physical geography fieldwork. We went to three locations along the river and compared variables such as width, depth, velocity and bedload. We measured these by wading in the river and using various pieces of equipment, some of which we had not used before. In the evening we analysed our data.

On the third day, we headed to the local town of Malton to answer our enquiry question for the human geography fieldwork. We did a pedestrian and traffic count, environment quality indices and building surveys along a transect. Overall, we thought Malton was a quaint town. In the evening session, we presented our data, learning new techniques of isolines and stacked bars.

On Sunday, we headed back via Hornsea and Mappleton, reviewing the coastal protection. We ended the trip on a high, buying a delicious ice cream to prepare ourselves for the long journey home.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Yorkshire. By visiting the sites, we gained further understanding for our GCSE and feel more prepared for GCSE papers 1 and 3.

Many thanks to the teachers and staff who made this trip possible, particularly Miss Stevens.

By Lucy H and Hannah, Year 11