Year 11 attend STEM Space Conference

Monday 18 November 2019

On Wednesday 9 October, five Year 11 girls travelled to the National Space Centre in Leicester to attend a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Conference.

It contained many different talks from women in the space industry, and really enlightened the perspective of who has the ability to work at places such as NASA. There were talks of instrument construction, space medicine, and satellite mapping. It surprised us all at the many paths you can take to a career in the space industry, and the wide variety of jobs and interests there are! Afterwards, there was a gallery tour full of interesting information ranging from life at the International Space Station to the life cycle of stars and interactive activities, including really fun activities, like reaction time tests and seeing if you would get space sick. There was even a rocket launch simulator, where two pupils pretended to be in an actual rocket, ready to launch and three pupils were pretending to send instructions to allow them to launch. A fun team exercise!

After a lunch break, there was an opportunity to meet the speakers individually and ask them questions. This was followed by a planetarium show, illustrating the timeline of the Apollo program and the journeys to the moon. It was a surreal experience and you felt incredibly connected and in the moment you were lost in the show. It was exciting, with fantastic animations and illustrations throughout the entire show.

The long trek there and back was ultimately worth it, and has hopefully given these Year 11’s an idea of what they would want to do when they leave school and onwards, and – perhaps more importantly – how they want to get there.

Thank you to Mrs Raza and Mr Knight for accompanying us (and making it even more enjoyable) throughout the day.

By Elizabeth and Sophie, Year 11