Year 10 trip to see ‘An Inspector Calls’

Thursday 2 February 2017

On Wednesday 25 January, Year 10 travelled to London to see ‘An Inspector Calls performed at the Playhouse Theatre on the Embankment.

“It was a thrilling performance and really exciting to see the play we have studied in class brought to life. I enjoyed the production, especially the stage and setting creating a suspenseful atmosphere – it was incredibly effective.

In contrast, from reading the play, I had created an image in my head of how I expected each character to be played. Personally, I thought the Inspector was played with a much more aggressive tone to what I had originally thought, but even still it was unbelievably effective. In addition to this, I thought Sheila Birling and her facial expressions implied a lot of different emotions. This was suitable as views like Mr and Mrs Birling’s would have been very influential on the younger generation at the time. Sheila’s mix of emotions showed that actually, we should grow to have our own voice and opinions.

I believe the staging had a big reflection of society at the time, the play started with the family on a higher level to show they were superior over anyone, particularly the Inspector who was always down on the actual stage. As the production continued, the Inspector was never asked to come up to their home, but each individual had to come down to suggest they were sinking down to his level in society.

I think the production of An Inspector Calls was very beneficial and I feel more connected to the actors now that I have seen it live.

I loved it and would recommend it, especially for students studying the play for their GCSE’s. Thank you to our English teachers for organising this special event.”

By Sophie, Year 10