Year 10 STEM visit to the University of Hertfordshire

Wednesday 3 July 2019

On Thursday 27 June, Year 10 went on a trip to the University of Hertfordshire to undergo tours of the Life and Medical Sciences and Engineering and Technology departments.

In the morning, the two divided groups visited different areas of the campus, intending to swap after lunch.

The Life and Medical Sciences branch was a lecture style talk on cardiovascular diseases. Year 10 had the opportunity to both show their existing knowledge and learn something new; such as new medical terms and the ins and outs of some machinery that is used for diagnosis.

We looked at the case study of our patient and then we entered the University’s simulated wards, with realistic pulses, background noises and patient dialogue. In addition to this, there was an example of a real ECG, and we were shown how this could be controlled for the exams of medical students.

There was also a simulation of a Pharmacy, where students could role play as real Pharmacists (and customers). To end this part of the day, we were allowed into two labs, where we examined human cells through microscopes and learnt about organic and analytical chemistry.

The Engineering and Technology section of the day consisted of a talk about algorithms and the ‘Magic of Computer Science’. It was very entertaining and many were brave to volunteer in the various card tricks. Afterwards, we had the chance to learn about hydraulics and civil engineering; something that most students did not know much about before this trip. We also had the opportunity to investigate wind tunnels and aerodynamics, experimenting with what would happen to the uplift of a plane if the angle of it was to be changed.

Overall, it was an interesting and insightful day into the world of medicine and engineering, which will hopefully inspire many Year 10’s to choose their interests for both the short term and long term future.

By Elizabeth A and Natasha A, Year 10