Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Qualifying Expedition

Friday 23 June 2017

On Saturday 17 June, 41 Year 10 pupils set out on their DofE Bronze Qualifying Expedition. Temperatures were starting at 26°C and set to rise so it was shaping up to be a scorching day. After an extensive kit check and route planning, the 7 groups set off from Wendover Woods.

As expected the temperatures continued to rise throughout the day, only making the 13km over hills and through fields harder. After a long day of walking the groups arrived at the campsite exhausted, hot and “hangry” (combination of hungry and angry)! After food and a rest, everyone was feeling better and settled down for the night.

The second day got off to an early start, with most of the groups getting up at 5:30am to start the long trek back to Wendover Woods. The day was even hotter and by the time everyone neared the end, there was a battle of will to speed up and get to the end or listen to our aching feet and go slow. Reaching the end felt amazing and everyone was very happy to sit in the shade and eat ice cream after!

By Leila, Year 10