Waste Week 2017

Tuesday 14 March 2017

‘Waste Week’ took place from 6 – 10 March 2017. The focus of the week was on upcycling and getting everyone to think differently about waste.

The Prep School looked at what and how we can recycle, as well as how we can re-use things, upcycling them instead of throwing them away.

Year 2 made their own wind socks using old milk bottles and plastic bags, a great way to re-use these materials into a usable product! The girls enjoyed running around with them on the field and were impressed with how effective they were.

Year 1 made their own paper, thinking about how they could recycle scrap paper. They thought about ways to make something new from something that had been used. Year 3 took part in a litter pick, the group who had picked up the most won a sticker and a credit – by the end they had collected 55 pieces of litter!

The Eco-School Committee presented an assembly to the Prep School, highlighting the importance of recycling and how we could upcycle everyday items.

The School had a great week, learning about how to reduce waste and thinking about ways to look after our world.