Tomorrow’s Engineers Week

Friday 17 November 2017

As part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2017 (6 – 10 November), Year 8 took part in a Cardboard Challenge.

The girls were tasked with designing and making a model of a toy which could amuse a child for at least a minute, using a limited amount of cardboard, Sellotape and a marble.

The designs were very varied, and all of the pupils had fun completing in the task in the time limit of half an hour!

Winners from each Clan were chosen by Mr Stephenson, the Senior School Science Technician. They were:

Cameron: Mae and Harriet P with their ‘Mazeanator’

MacDonald: Zara A and Chloë D with ‘Fun Cot’

Macneil: Hannah, Charlotte M, Millie and Beatrice L with ‘The Marvellous Marble Run’

A special Science Department prize for innovation was given to Sophie and Abi M for their unusual invention called ‘Sea Drop’!

Well done to all of the girls who took part.