Senior School Clan Music Competition

Wednesday 6 November 2019

On Friday 18 October, Abbot’s Hill was alive as everyone happily anticipated an afternoon spent celebrating the Clans of the school. The Music Clan Captain and Vice Music Captain (Year 11) work hard to organise the song for the three Clans, arrange choreography and music for the three Clan Ensembles (Orchestra). Often, they are helped by the other enthusiastic Year 11’s, all dreaming of a triumphant win for her clan! Clan Music is a unique celebration that Abbot’s Hill has, unlike any other school!

This year, the competition was judged by Miss Davies, a professional piano player and new Prep School Music Teacher and Subject Co-ordinator. As usual, the Clan Captains of Cameron, MacDonald and Macneil picked numbers out of a hat to see who would perform first. First up was MacDonald, followed by Cameron and Macneil.

The first round was the Ensembles, performing ‘Spring’ from ‘The Seasons’ by Vivaldi.

In MacDonald, there were 34 girls performing on instruments, woodwind, string and percussion. Cameron also had 34 girls and the percussion choreography was humorous to the spectators, with well organised solos in between. Macneil’s ensemble had 32 girls, with Year 11 also bringing laughter to it all by wearing hats in the Clan’s green colour. With well conducted music and much variety of instruments, Macneil won the Ensemble round.

The Junior Instrumental solo saw MacDonald’s Anaïs (Year 7) playing a Grade 6 piece on the Flute. Ellie (Year 9) in Cameron played her clarinet Grade 4 piece next. Last but not least was Macneil’s Mina (Year 7) on the cello, playing ‘The Russian Wedding’ at Grade 4. MacDonald won that round, and everyone applauded!

The Junior Vocal Solos saw Zoë (Year 9) of MacDonald, Mia L (Year 7) of Cameron and Macneil’s Lauren (Year 9). Cameron won this round.

The Senior Instrumentalist saw Freya (Year 11), Clan Captain of MacDonald, playing a Grade 8 complicated recorder piece where she switched recorders half way through! Katie (Year 11) from Cameron on the flute performed next, followed by Vice Clan Captain of Macneil, Hannah, playing a Grade 8 piano piece which was amazing! Of this section, Macneil were the winners.

Sophie (Year 11) of MacDonald, Mae (Year 10) of Cameron and Clan Captain, Anna (Year 11) of Macneil, all performed Senior Solos. MacDonald won this section.

Last of all was the moment the whole of the school had been waiting for weeks – the Clan songs! MacDonald sung ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ by Whitney Houston, Cameron sung ‘Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift and Macneil performed ‘9 to 5’ by Dolly Parton. All three had hilarious appearances from teachers! MacDonald won that round.

Everyone was very tense waiting for the final results. MacDonald were delighted to take back their title! Although Cameron and Macneil were naturally disappointed, everyone was pleased for MacDonald. Sweets were handed out and the trophy was presented to the Clan Captains.

We then broke up for the Half Term holidays, content and full of sweets as another Clan Music passed at Abbot’s Hill School!

By Rachael, Year 9