Senior School Clan Cross-Country

Monday 5 March 2018

On Monday 26 February, the Senior School took part in a Clan Cross-Country event around the grounds. The ‘Juniors’ race for Years 7-9 took place first, followed by the ‘Seniors’ for Years 10 and 11 with some of the staff who joined in running the course!

The girls braved the wintry weather conditions with everyone trying their hardest and supporting their team mates.

Well done to everyone who took part.

The results were as follows:

Year 7
First place – Katy
Second place – Phoebe
Third place – Charlotte G

Year 8
First place – Beatrice H-H
Second place – Olivia M
Third place – Isabelle

Year 9
First place – Emeline
Second place – Madeleine B
Third place – Hattie

Year 10
First place – Grace
Second place – Charlotte L-T
Third place – Maddie

Year 11
First place – Leonie
Second place – Charlotte
Third place – Olivia S and Abi

Juniors (Years 7-9) – Overall
First place – Emeline, Year 9
Second place – Katy, Year 7
Third place – Beatrice H-H, Year 7

Senior (Years 10 and 11) – Overall
First place – Grace, Year 10
Second place – Leonie, Year 11
Third place – Charlotte, Year 11

Thank you to the staff who marshalled the event, and a special thank you to Miss Ramsay for organising the race.