Prep School Sports Days

Thursday 29 June 2017

On Monday 26 June, the Prep School took part in their annual Sports Day. All of the pupils participate in the events to earn points for their clans, with the main aim of the day being enjoyment!

Nursery started the day off demonstrating their skills in kicking, balancing, throwing and jumping culminating in running races at the end. The children had lots of fun taking part!

The girls in the Infants (Reception – Year 2) showed off their skills taking part in their field events, which included throwing, bean bag relay and long jump. They moved to the track for the sack, skipping and running races where the girls cheered for their clans from the side-lines. Congratulations to the winning clan, Macneil!

The Junior Sports Day took place in the afternoon, where all of the girls from Years 3-6 took part in both track and field events. They participated in throwing and jumping and a variety of track races including distance running, sprints, sack races, skipping, hurdles, egg and spoon race and the relay. Congratulations to Macneil who came in first place.

Well done to all the girls who participated on the day and tried their hardest in their events. Thank you to all the staff who organised the events, and all the parents who came to support the day.