Prep School Harvest Festival

Tuesday 1 October 2019

On Friday 27 September, the Prep School held their Harvest Assembly in St Nicholas House Hall, where year groups took part presenting their own items.

There were poems shared about Autumn and Harvest and lots of Harvest songs. We were delighted to welcome Major Sarah Murray from the Hemel Hempstead Salvation Army to our assembly where she spoke about how their work and how donations of food can help lots of different families in the area.

Everyone enjoyed participating and helping others by bringing donations in aid of the Salvation Army.

We would like to thank you the Prep School pupils and parents bringing the amazing food gifts that have now been donated to the Salvation Army, which is such a good charity. We would also like to thank Major Sarah Murray from the Hemel Hempstead branch for transporting the masses of cans and cartons that you provided to the centre from where it will be shared with people who need support at the moment.
– From Francesca, Matilda, Yasmin and Isabella (Year 6 Charity Committee)