Prep School Eco-Schools Award

Friday 29 November 2019

Congratulations to the Prep School who have achieved an Eco-Schools Bronze Award for their work in raising environmental awareness.

In order to achieve the award, the school needed to set up an Eco-Team with a representative from Years 2-6 and have regular meetings and complete an environmental review of the school. This involved scoring the school in 10 topics – Biodiversity, energy, global citizenship, healthy living, litter, waste, marine, school grounds, transport and water.

Following this review, the Eco-Team have created an action plan focusing on three of the topics that will be the target for this year. The girls have chosen:

  • Energy – to reduce energy waste across the school and run a ‘Switch Off Fortnight’ campaign
  • Waste/Marine – to reduce the use of single use plastics across the school
  • Transport – to reduce air pollution during pick up and drop off by encouraging cars to turn off engines whilst waiting and promote sharing lifts and use of buses.

They shared their review and action plan with the school in an assembly as part of the award.

Their first action is now underway and the Prep School are taking part in ‘Switch Off Fortnight’ from Wednesday 27 November – Wednesday 11 December. As part of this, every class is completing a ‘No Electricity Morning’ where all their lessons must be carried out without any electricity.

The Eco-Team are now working hard to achieve their Silver Award!