Prep School Anti-Bullying Presentation

Tuesday 5 November 2019

On Monday 4 November, girls from Years 4, 5 and 6 attended a presentation delivered by author, actor and comedian Robert Higgs in preparation for Anti-Bullying Week next week.

Mr Higgs reflected on his own personal experience of bullying as a teenager, and shared with the girls about how he learnt to combat bullying behaviour using a variety of strategies and humour. All the girls were engaged and enthusiastic throughout the presentation, and they were willing participants when it came to acting out some of the skills!

I found it really inspiring. As well as learning a lot of ways to help others and myself from being bullied, I got to do a role play where I said to the man “I don’t like you” and he told all of us different ways to respond if somebody said that to us. He told us about different examples of how pupils our age and older dealt with different situations. We watched some clips of being kind and how to be a good friend.” – Amelia G, Year 6