Introducing our Head of Prep Music: Miss Bradley-Buxton

Monday 12 October 2020

Abbot’s Hill School is very pleased to announce our new Head of Music in the Prep School.

Miss Bradley-Buxton aims to develop the instrumental and vocal groups on offer, raise the aspiration for Music in the Prep School and encourage an appreciation for Music that will live on with the pupils. She also hopes to see pupils build confidence in the instrument they are learning which might – for those who wish to take examinations – see pupils achieve higher grades at a younger age and remove age as a barrier for progressing through the examination levels. Love of music and performance are high on her agenda.

Despite the problems Covid-19 has posed for the Music Department, Miss Bradley-Buxton believes there have been some unusual silver linings. Younger pupils are more used to navigating a digital world and have a particular eagerness for exploring new artists online and in their own time.

Miss Bradley-Buxton told us that during lockdown, one of the most popular projects was an exploration of Mozart in which the children learnt about him online. Having his music easily accessible meant that he became a ‘hero’ figure for them.

Miss Bradley-Buxton joins us from Pipers Corner School.