F1 in Schools Competition

Friday 3 March 2017

On Wednesday 8 February, eleven girls from Years 8, 9 and 10 attended the F1 in Schools London and South East Regional Final at CEME in Rainham, Essex. The competition is to build and race a model F1 ‘car of the future’ along a 20m track, with points awarded for time achieved and reaction time. The girls from Abbot’s Hill were there to observe the process ahead of entering the competition in 2018.

The competition also involves producing a portfolio of the team’s work, a ‘pit box’ display area and presenting to judges verbally. The girls saw the range of teams competing in the three categories (entry, development and professional) and were able to gain an insight into how the competition was run and what was needed to win.

The two teams – Carbon Acceleration and Flux Dynamics – came back feeling inspired with lots of ideas. They are now working on gaining sponsorship and learning how to design their car with 3D CAD software.