F1 in Schools Competition

Monday 4 February 2019

On Wednesday 30 January, the four members of ‘Carbon Ace’ racing team attended the F1 in Schools Regional Final held at Harlow College.

Emilia (Year 11), Samantha (Year 11), Georgia (Year 10) and Gracie H (Year 9) had been busy preparing for this event for many months and had put in a lot of effort to ensure that their verbal presentation, two portfolios (engineering and enterprise), the pit box display and the car itself were ready for the competition.

The girls were very excited and nervous to be competing finally, having visited the national finals last year at Silverstone and the regional finals in Essex the year before to see what was involved. They had spent time fundraising with bake sales and sponsorship requests, running events at the summer and Christmas fairs. The funds raised helped to provide the equipment and materials that they needed to develop the car, the pit box display and the team t-shirts.

The team all contributed to the day’s event – Gracie and Sam talked about the engineering and manufacture of the car to the judges, whist Georgia and Emilia practiced their reaction times on the starting gate. They all spoke to the judging team about the pit box display they had set up and gave an excellent verbal presentation describing the work they had put in to raise funds and develop the car.

The team came home with an award for their portfolios which had particularly impressed the judges. All of the girls will be awarded a British Science Association CREST Bronze Award for their efforts.

A big thank you goes to Mr Towndrow and Mr Goodman in the Abbot’s Hill IT Department, who helped the girls to get the car designed and manufactured with Mr Chalkley from Bushey Meads School, and their expert assistance with the 3D printing of the nose cone and rear wing structures. Well done to all of the team members for a great achievement!