Eco-Committee Assembly

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Eco-Committee Slide

On Monday 20 May, the Eco-Committee held an assembly for the Senior School. Joined by Domestic Bursar, Mrs Rance, and the Prep School Eco-Committee, the group shared how the school has been becoming more eco-friendly in recent years. These changes have included pupils bringing in their own water bottles, encouraging the use of the recycle bins in classrooms and using renewable resources.

Eco-Committee slide

The Prep School Committee have been busy making improvements but are concerned about the amount of car engines left on whilst parents are waiting to pick up their children from school. They are holding a poster competition, and the winning designs will be displayed around the car park.

The Eco-Committee shared lots of statistics in their assembly about why making these small changes is so important to the environment and to our planet, which certainly gave everybody something to think about.

Well done to the girls for their dedication to this cause and for their fantastic assembly.