Ducklings hatch in the Prep School

Thursday 15 March 2018

On Monday 5 March, six duck eggs arrived in Year 2 from the Incredible Egg Company. The class put them in an incubator to continue to develop ready for hatching.

The next day saw the first crack in one of the duck eggs! The first duckling hatched in the early hours of Thursday morning and pupils managed to catch one of the ducklings hatch on a webcam.

More eggs continued to hatch over the next few days and the ducklings soon learnt to eat and drink. Four out of the six eggs hatched, but sadly one of the ducklings did not survive as it was not strong enough.

The following week, Year 2 began to teach the ducklings to swim. They started with a shallow water tray and gradually increased the size of the tray to a small swimming pool!

Year 2 have had an ‘Egg-tastic’ time observing the ducklings hatch and grow! Many of the other Prep girls enjoyed visiting the ducklings, as did the staff!

Thank you to Incredible Eggs for this wonderful experience.