Dr Kathy Weston presents as part of our Parent Education Programme

Wednesday 7 October 2020

Dr KathyWeston

Abbot’s Hill School had the pleasure of hosting a fantastic speaker, dedicated to developing evidence-based approaches to parenting.

Dr Kathy Weston is one of the UK’s leading experts on the importance of parental engagement in children’s lives and learning. She translates research into evidence-based, easy-to-apply tips for parents, families and practitioners to use in everyday life. She is a highly effective communicator, delivering talks all over the UK on topics relating to parenting, family life and education. She is the co-author of two titles called, ‘Engaging Parents’ by Bloomsbury Press (2018; 2020). For the last ten years, she hosted an award-winning, weekly, live radio show for parents in Hertfordshire, interviews leading researchers on her podcast, #Getagrip, and is a Visiting Lecturer at the School of Education, University of Hertfordshire. She is a regular contributor on BBC radio as an expert panellist on all matters relating to parenting and family life. In 2019, she launched a digital library of evidence-based resources called Tooled Up Education, designed to provide CPD for practitioners who work with children and young people, as well as practical tips for parents.

Dr Weston spoke with Abbot’s Hill parents as part of our Parent Education Programme. Her talk, titled “Future-proofing your daughter” centred around guiding our children as they navigate difficult topics like social media. Dr Weston is a firm believer in practical suggestions for parenting. She addresses the most highly sought after and required skills that our children need to develop so as to be successful in today’s world. Her presentation referred to personal resilience, grit, character and social skills and described how parents can help children get into a positive mind-set where they are ready to embrace all of life’s rich opportunities.

Dr Weston’s final message was one of preparation: “Future-proofing our daughters is about preparing them mentally for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Their future resilience is greatly dependent on the quality of relationships that they enjoy now, their grit and determination, ability to problem solve and figure things out for themselves as well as a healthy relationship with digital technology as they grow and develop.”

We thoroughly enjoyed having her on-site and are so grateful for her knowledge. If you are a parent at Abbot’s Hill, we will be circulating details on how to watch the recorded version of the presentation via email.

For more details from Dr Weston about a wide range of parenting topics, please visit her website here.