Community spirit at Abbot’s Hill

Tuesday 19 May 2020

We were reminded during the VE day celebrations of the resilience and determined spirit of the British people during the war. The irony isn’t lost on us then, 75 years on, as we battle a different type of challenge. As is happening all over the country, the Abbot’s Hill community is certainly doing amazing things to help. Below is a list of the many acts of kindness shown by staff, pupils and parents during these unprecedented times: 

  • Bedding donations which are being made into scrubs bags (Zoë B, Year 9)
  • The NHS sign has been manicured on to the Front Lawn by the grounds team
  • Abbot’s Hill’s Parents’ Association have been preparing and delivering meals for NHS workers through the ‘You donate…we deliver’ scheme. The Catering Department have donated stock from the food cupboards to help with this.
  • A delivery of gloves, aprons, sanitising wipes and hand sanitising liquid was taken to Hertfordshire division of the Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Year 4 sent cards to NHS workers
  • Mrs Rance has been making masks and selling them and has donated £270 to Dacorum Foodbank.
  • Mrs Cutler has been making scrubs for doctors and nurses and also masks to sell.
  • Megan C (Year 6) has been donating material and buttons to Cosmos Doggy Daycare who are making headbands for NHS staff. Instead of visiting residents with Cosmo for dog therapy, Megan and her mum are calling residents to chat with them.
  • Issy T (Year 6) and her family left a box outside their house for people to donate hand creams. They then used the hand creams to put in bags along with other items such as sponges and food and then donated them to NHS workers.
  • Mairi L and Isabel D (Year 7) and their mums have been sewing small palm sized material hearts. They sew two identical ones, if a patient goes into hospital one heart is given to them to hold, and the other identical one is given to the family.
  • Erin P (Year 7) and her family are with her Grandmother in a village. The family have been painting messages and pictures onto pebbles. When they go for their walks in the village they leave the pebbles. Other people can download an app of the village with suggested walks to find the pebbles.
  • Parents are involved in local food banks.
  • Miss Stevens packing food parcels for the Chesham Community Fridge and supporting 2 people with mental health issues via phone.
  • Many are supporting family via FaceTime.
  • Pupils, staff and their families ‘clap for carers’ on Thursdays and have painted rainbows to decorate and show support for the NHS.
  • Senior girls have been getting really involved in the community quiz to help lift everyone’s spirits
  • Pira C (Year 11) helped Miss Impett and Miss Earley in sending out 800 cards and sunflower seeds to the whole community

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who is giving up their time to help others. 

What a fantastic community we have at Abbot’s Hill!