Chamber Choir Tour to Belgium

Monday 30 July 2018

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On Sunday 8 July, the Chamber Choir arrived at school at 8:45am, all excited and looking forward to the next few days ahead in Belgium. On the way to Dover, we watched ‘The Greatest Showman’ which we all sang along very loudly to (sadly for the teachers and the bus driver!). After taking the ferry across to Calais, we got back on the bus and carried on with our journey. This time, we watched High School Musical and by the end of the trip, we had watched all three of the movies!

Once we had arrived at the hotel, we all unpacked very quickly as within 15 minutes of arriving, we were back out and on the beach! Despite us wearing our normal clothes, we couldn’t resist going into the sea! A few just stayed in the shallow water; however there were a few who got completely soaked! After the beach, we had dinner before walking back to explore the pier. Of course, it would not be a Chamber Choir Tour without a choir practise in the evening.

After an early breakfast the following morning, we headed to Brussels where we had a tour around the city. We then had some free time to get lunch and walk round the square. Next came the activity which we were all looking forward to the most, the Belgian chocolate! We were lucky enough not only to taste many different types of chocolate, but to also learn and watch how chocolate is made. We learnt what the differences between dark, milk and white chocolate are and what the main ingredients in chocolate are. During the session Eleanor in Year 9 offered to help make pralines, which are the traditional chocolates in Belgium. We all wished that we helped to make the chocolate as Eleanor was given all the chocolate that she helped to make!

Later that evening we had our first concert. However, before the concert began a group of us went on the streets to hand out fliers for the concert that night, Evie did an amazing job at this and persuaded many people to come and watch!

During our final day in Belgium we travelled to Brugge, where we walked round the town square. We enjoyed a boat ride along its canals, where we saw many different sights of the city which we wouldn’t have been able to see just walking round the squares.

Our final concert was a short walk from the town centre and was the perfect end to the tour! We had a great last performance with this year’s Chamber Choir as we had over 100 people watching us by the end of the concert.

After the concert, we headed back to the hotel to have dinner and then went to a bowling alley, which brought out our competitive sides as we were all determined to win! My group bowled first but a lot of our balls went into the gutter as we didn’t have the barriers up. By the second game, we had the barriers up which allowed us to strategically use them to get a strike!

The Tour was, yet again, another amazing trip. Thank you the all the Music Department for organising the tour and thank you to the other teachers who joined us.

By Molly, Year 10