Butterflies fly from the Prep School

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Yesterday was a very exciting day for the Prep School as the Year 3-4 Science Club let their butterflies go and fly in to the wild!

All of the classes in the Prep School had a delivery of caterpillars a few weeks ago and the girls have been able to watch them feed and grow by the day. So far, 9 of our caterpillars have emerged from their chrysalis.

The caterpillars spent around 10 days in their chrysalis, and emerged as butterflies. Yesterday afternoon, the Year 3-4 Science Club let them go after watching them feed on oranges.

We are now looking forward to the silk worms going through their life cycle. They were delivered as eggs, and several have hatched. However, they are so small that we are using magnifying glasses to track them at the moment! We hope to continue watching them weave their silk into cocoons.

There was lots more excitement this morning as our resident blue tit was busy feeding 7 chicks after they hatched in her bird box, on top of the Junior Block, overnight. 8 eggs had been laid inside the bird box previously, and the girls have been keeping track of their development with a live feed being streamed in to the Junior Library. The girls were able to see Daddy bird for the first time today, providing food for his newly-hatched chicks.