BA Pilot, Allison Pack, visits Year 8 girls

Thursday 10 December 2020

Last week, Miss Cross, our Head of Careers, arranged an informative discussion with BA Pilot, Allison Pack, and our Year 8 pupils. It was a fantastic opportunity for girls to ask questions about Mrs Pack’s pilot career and the different methods of training available.

Mrs Pack explained that according to the statistics, female pilots only amount to six percent of the total number of pilots. However, more women are confidently stepping into a cockpit. And many female pilots are breaking the stereotype that a pilot profession is an exclusively male one. She encouraged the girls to look at all avenues for training including courses through companies like British Airways across the UK and in Spain.

One Year 8 pupil asked if Mrs Pack ever had to make an emergency landing. ‘Not for the reasons you might think, but yes, I did,’ replied Mrs Pack. ‘I had to stop for an onboard medical emergency. But we always have contingency fuel in place for emergency landings, including bad weather.’

Mrs Pack also told the girls her favourite destination is the Maldives, which perhaps might be the encouragement needed to consider the pilot profession!

We would like to thank Mrs Pack for her time. The girls thoroughly enjoyed meeting her.