Netball Results

Results 18/19

Week Commencing 18 March

Year 7 District Versatility Tournament at Ashlyns School, A team: 2nd, B team: 3rd

Week Commencing 11 March

U13 v Laureate Academy, 4-2 Loss, MVP – Sienna

U12 v Laureate Academy, 14-0 Win, MVP – Lila

Week Commencing 4 March

u15b v Berkhamsted School, 11-3 Loss, MVP – Mia

U15b v Berkhamsted School, 11-8 Win, MVP – Eleanor

U14b v Berkhamsted School, 5-1 Loss

U14a v Berkhamsted School, 6-3 Loss

Week Commencing 25 February

U15b v Tring School, 21-6 Loss, MVPs – Abi and Leah

U10c v Beechwood Park School, 4-3 Loss, MVPs – Imogen and Tara

U10b v Beechwood Park School, 3-2 Loss, MVP – Avia

U10a v Beechwood Park School, 9-2 Loss, MVP – Francesca M

U12a v The Hemel Hempstead School, 11-9 Loss, MVP – Millie M

U12b v Berkhamsted School, 13-6 Loss, MVP – Jemima

U12a v Berkhamsted School, 10-14 Loss, MVP – Lila B

Week Commencing 12 February

U13a v JFK School, 6-2 Win, MVP – Maddie

U13b v JFK School, 7-1 Loss, MVP – Darcy

Week Commencing 4 February

U12a v JFK School, 11-11 Draw, MVP – Margot

U12b v JFK School, 10-3 Win, MVP – Harriet V

U12a v Tring School, 12-6 Loss, MVP – Margot

U12b v Tring School, 5-1 Win, MVP – Harriett

Week Commencing 28 January

U11a v St Albans High School for Girls, 13-2 Loss, MVP – Xanthe

U11b v St Albans High School for Girls, 16-0 Loss, MVP – Pippa C

U12a v Longdean School, 10-4 Win, MVP – Jemima

U12b/c v Longdean School, 4-0 Loss, MVP – Emilia W

Week Commencing 21 January

U13a v Astley Cooper School, 10-0 Win, MVP – Charlotte G

U13b v Astley Cooper School, 10-1 Win, MVP – Ellie W

U10a v St Hilda’s, Harpenden, 3-2 Loss, MVP – Heidi

U11a v St Hilda’s, Harpenden, 4-1 Loss, MVP – Amelia B

U15a v JFK School, 16-16 Draw, MVP – Claudia

U15c v JFK School, 15-3 Loss, MVP – Eloise

Week Commencing 14 January

U10a v Westbrook Hay School, 1-0 Win, MVP – Chloe B

U10b v Westbrook Hay School, 1-0 Loss, MVP – Isabella T

U12a v Ashlyns, 11-11 Draw, MVP – Lila

U12b v Ashlyns, 5-2 Win, MVP – Evie H

U15b v JFK School, 18-4 Loss, MVP – Mia and Freya

U13a v Ashlyns, 12-10 Loss, MVP – Maddie M

Week Commencing 26 November

U14a v Ashlyns, 7-4 Loss, MVP – Beatrice H-H

U15c v Ashlyns, 15-5 Loss, MVP – Lily M

Week Commencing 19 November

U14b v Longdean School, Loss

U16a & B v Longdean School, Loss

Week Commencing 12 November

U14a v Longdean School, 9-3 Loss, MVP – Bea L

U16c v Longdean School, 14-12 Loss, MVP – Jemma

Week Commencing 5 November

U15a v Tring School, 28-4 Win, MVP – Amy B

U11a v Berkhamsted School, 9-2 Win, MVP – Xanthe

U11b v Berkhamsted School, 3-2 Loss, MVP – Leah

U11c v Berkhamsted School, 3-0 Win, MVP – Hattie

U12a v Kings Langley School, 12-1 Win, MVP – Maddie L

U12b v Kings Langley School, 2-1 Win, MVP – Emilia W

U16a v Hemel Hempstead School, 17-12 Win, MVP – Maddie R

Week Commencing 15 October

U12 v Laureate Academy, 6-4 Win, MVP – Emilia W

U15c v Laureate Academy, 8-0 Win, MVP – Zoe

Week Commencing 1 October

U15c & U16a v Kings Langley School, 13-9 Loss, MVP – Emily G

Week Commencing 24 September

U11a v St Albans High Prep School, 12-3 Loss, MVP – Scarlett J

U11b v St Albans High Prep School, 8-2 Loss, MVP – Gemma W

U11c v St Albans High Prep School, 4-1 Loss, MVP – Maddie N and Anaia M

Week Commencing 17 September

U11a v St Hilda’s (Harpenden), 3-2 Loss, MVP – Amelia B

U13a v Kings Langley School, 12-1 Win, MVP – Charlotte G

U13b v Kings Langley School, 8-0 Win, MVP – Hannah F

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