Senior (Years 7-10)

Each class has a brand new timetable which has been designed to maximise pupil learning across a range of subjects and topics. Teachers will use their expertise to decide which method, or combination of methods, is most appropriate for each lesson. We will endeavour to ensure that any set tasks or activities can be carried out and completed independently by pupils, although we fully appreciate that some pupils may require additional support. 

Schools overseas who are further along their journey with remote learning and local schools who launched full timetables before Easter have found that neither pupils nor teachers can sustain a full day of online learning. Therefore, our timetables have been adjusted to:
Reduce screen time where possible
– Allow flexibility within the school day
– Provide space in the school day for physical activity, hobbies, family time
– Provide a slightly shortened school day.

Due to this, we have reduced the number of lessons per day by condensing subject content where possible or re-organising programmes of study and adjusted the length of lessons. We will continue with the same variety of subjects in a broad curriculum.

Some specific changes have been made to the Year 9 timetable and I would ask you to read these carefully. 

We are very aware that Year 10 pupils require specific support and reassurance. We have made very few changes to their timetable as our goal is to keep them fully engaged with and supported in their GCSE studies. 


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Year 10
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Year 10 Summer Holiday Work