Antibullying Week

Posted: 18th November 2022

On Monday, we were delighted to see plenty of funky sock combinations, across the whole school, for Odd Socks Day which marked the start of Antibullying Week. On Tuesday, Year 10 and 11 pupils delivered an assembly on Antibullying. Our thanks to these pupils for presenting an important topic in a sensitive and thoughtful manner.

PDE lessons have been focusing on Antibullying through worksheets and discussions. Wellbeing has also been highlighted through mindfulness activities. Year 7 helped Mrs Smith create a ‘Be Kind’ display to demonstrate one of our core values as a school.

In the Prep School pupils got creative making ‘antibullying and inclusion’ ribbons in PDE as well as an assembly led by Mrs Lopez Bernal, Assistant Head Pastoral.

Our school values play a huge part in how we act and treat others at Abbot’s Hill and we encourage all to follow them.

  • Be Challengers
  • Be Kind
  • Be Curious
  • Be Authentic
  • Be Involved