Abbot’s Hill supports ISC’s Partnerships Week

Posted: 15th November 2021

This week, Abbot’s Hill is pleased to be supporting the Independent School Council’s (ISC) Partnerships Week, a week that highlights and celebrates the fantastic collaboration between independent and state-maintained schools.

A key element of our vision is engagement and community. We strive to ‘challenge everyone in our community to become active, compassionate citizens who make significant and lasting contributions to others throughout their lives.’

It is an exciting time for partnership opportunities, with renewed emphasis on giving back to our local community since the easing of COVID-19 restrictions reflected in our programme of activities. We are committed to the wider community beyond our own school gate, and actively seek to share expertise, passion and resources to build mutually beneficial relationships. 

Our partnership work is based on collaboration and co-operation with schools in the local area. Current collaboration includes running weekly drama lessons at a local state-maintained school, as well as hosting bespoke activities such as our recent ‘Come and Create’ music event, where we invited 60 pupils from two local schools to enjoy a day of workshops with our Year 6 pupils, and ran music training for primary teachers.

We also work closely with other local organisations, including Herts Music Service through our Music Leaders Programme; our Year 10 GCSE music pupils recently had the pleasure of delivering music workshops to Year 1 classes at a school in the area.

Abbot’s Hill works with other schools, sharing best practice on key issues and professional development. In particular, we have established an EYFS Hub, a Digital Learning Hub and an ECT Hub.

We are excited for the many new initiatives planned for 2022, and look forward to continuing our valuable partnerships activity.