Year 6 Adventure

Posted: 1st October 2021

At the end of September, our three Year 6 classes travelled to North Yorkshire for an action-packed adventure at the Cranedale Centre.

The trip provided a wonderful opportunity for practical and theoretical learning, as well as personal development and teambuilding.

Highlights included a visit to the Holderness coast to study rock formations and coastal erosion, exploring the caves and arches at Flamborough Head; pupils were also treated to a large group of seals sunbathing on the beach!

The exploration of the North York Moors involved clambering down a dry river gorge, river dipping to find different invertebrates, and a steep hike to explore a Bronze Age fort.

On the final day, pupils played ‘survival in the wild’, taking on the roles of herbivores, carnivores, diseases and humans in the ultimate game of tag/hide and seek.

As always, our huge thanks to the dedicated Abbot’s Hill staff who made this trip such a success.