Senior School Entrance Assessment

We understand the move to any senior school can be an uncertain time for both parents and pupils. It is also a very exciting time. Naturally, you will have many questions. At Abbot’s Hill, our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible – we are keen to help in any way we can to answer your questions and help you make the right choice for this next stage of your child’s education.

Abbot’s Hill is among a number of independent schools using the ISEB Common Pre-Test to assess applicants’ attainment and potential. The tests are online, adaptive assessments and consist of multiple-choice tests in Mathematics, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Results are age-standardised to adjust for the age of the child taking the test. These tests are provided by GL Assessments, a leading provider of formative assessments to UK schools and sit well alongside our day-to-day suite of assessment materials.

Do I need to prepare?

No special preparation is required for our entrance process as it is designed to identify potential as well as attainment. Practice tests are not available, but examples and practice questions, where relevant, are provided during the tests so that students understand what they have to do. You may like to know that a familiarisation test is available which demonstrates the look and feel of the tests. Abbot’s Hill will be offering two optional 11+ familiarisation sessions to help pupils understand what to expect on assessment day and get to know the school. Once you register your child, you will be invited to book a familiarisation session which will take place in the autumn term 2020. This is entirely optional.

On these familiarisation days, registered candidates would join the current pupils in Year 6, meet our staff and try examples of the papers ahead of the January assessment days. We will also invite parents in at this time to talk to staff and to ask any questions they may have about the tests and entrance process.

Whilst we feel that the familiarisation tests are more than adequate preparation, ATOM Learning provides further support and practice should you wish to use their resources.

What happens on Assessment Day?

Early in the Spring Term of Year 6, we invite all candidates (internal and external) to an Assessment Day; we see this as a chance to gain a feel for the senior school, meet staff and current pupils and have plenty of fun meeting other candidates during active and engaging afternoon activities.

In the morning, pupils will sit the ISEB Common Pre-test. We are aware that some candidates may have already undertaken this assessment at another school. Once registered with Abbot’s Hill, a pupil’s score will automatically transfer to us meaning they do not need to resit the test. However, we expect all candidates to join us for lunch and the afternoon team-building activities because it is important for your child to visit us and get to know us better. All candidates will also produce a short piece of creative writing during the assessment day.

Will there be an interview?

Yes. The interview is a conversation in which pupils will meet with senior staff. No preparation is required. Pupils enjoy this opportunity which is a chance for them to ask any questions they might have about the school. Parents are all also warmly invited to meet individually with the Head and one of the Executive team. This meeting forms no part of the assessment process but enables parents to gain a greater insight into the ethos of the school.

Year 7 September 2021 Entry Timeline

Thursday 19 November – Registration deadline

Friday 20 & Thursday 26 November – Familiarisation practice

Tuesday 1 December – Deadline for specialist scholarship and bursary applications

Friday 8 January – Assessment Day

w/c Monday 11 January – Interviews

End of January – Scholarships

Posted mid-February – Offer Letters

Monday 1 March – Acceptance Deadline

Tuesday 22 June – Induction Day

Sunday 11 July – New Year 7 Picnic

Friday 3 September – Year 7 Welcome Afternoon