Abbot’s Hill School Digital Goody Bag

Thank you for attending our Working Open Day!

We hope you experienced the magical feeling that Abbot’s Hill School evokes. We  aim to create experiences that introduce you to our wonderful teaching staff, parents and pupils. Our  “Digital Goody Bag” shows you some of the ways that we aim to support you in your decision-making (and to encourage you to have some fun too!). Through parental goodies and a day out for your child with our Director of Sport, we acknowledge the big decision you have in front of you as you navigate Senior School choices. Please get in touch if, at any time during the process, you would like to speak to our teaching staff.

If you joined us at our Working Open Day, let us know your views:


The Magic of Play from Dr Kathy Weston – Wednesday Wisdom

60 Conversation Starters from Dr Kathy Weston – Moving up to Senior School

Our Good Schools Guide Report– hot off the press!

The Chronicle – a magazine in its 108th year of production!

Future Abbot’s Hill pupil

Fun activity from Dr Kathy Weston – What makes you, you?

An Invitation for a Free Sport Taster Lesson: sign up here








We hope you had a fantastic time getting to know our staff at our Working Open Event and we look forward to seeing you in person as soon as we can!