The Rose Garden

We are very much looking forward to welcoming all pupils back at Abbot’s Hill, we have missed the happy buzz of activity across the school.

We realise remote learning has not been straight forward for all pupils and especially pupils with Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND) and some will have missed the physical presence of the Rose Garden as much as we have missed them.  We aim to get back to ‘normal’ as much as possible in September.

We will be following the school’s current risk assessment and adhering to its guidance which will mean some changes are inevitable, the main one being that wherever possible the support teachers move to the pupils, rather than them coming to our base.

We have made sure that teachers and support staff have all been updated with the information they need on pupils support needs or adjustments, especially with regard to new pupils.

Key changes:

  • Where possible learning support will go to the pupils, rather than pupils come to the Rose Garden
  • Senior School drop-in sessions will now run on an appointment basis. The Rose Garden Senior Classroom will have a sign-up appointment sheet available for 20 minute appointments each lunchtime.
  • Prep School early morning interventions will not commence for the first two weeks, to allow pupils to settle with their classes and learn new routines.
  • We will where possible keep socially distant from pupils. However, the nature of our work is often 1:1 or small group work, therefore on the occasions where we cannot distance we will use appropriate PPE or clear desk barriers.
  • Pupils will be encouraged to use their own equipment. Where they use shared Learning Support equipment, older children will be asked to wipe it after use, whilst support staff will wipe it for younger children.
  • If pupils have a support session in the Rose Garden, it will be cleaned regularly and before any children from a different bubble arrive for their session.
  • Any external visitors, such as Educational Psychologists or Occupational Therapists will follow the school risk assessment guidelines, shared with them prior to their visits.
  • As always we are happy to meet with parents to discuss any concerns. These will continue to be most appropriate via Zoom or Google Meet.

Whole School: Becky Manning (SENDCo) continues to oversee provision; do get in touch with any queries or  Please also see our SEND policy and information report on the school website.

We will ensure all Pupil Passports (for pupils receiving additional support for SEND) are updated, with goals where appropriate by the October half-term.  Any previous requests for screening of pupils we will also work through during the first term and feed back to parents and teachers.

Nursery: Lauren Hammond continues to co-ordinate SEND.  Becky Manning (SENDCo) will continue to meet with her regularly.

Pre Prep & Prep School: Deborah Enright continues to co-ordinate SEND with Becky Manning.  We will continue to support class teachers and offer in-class support and interventions in line with where we assess need. Our specialist dyslexia teachers also teach a small English support group in Year 5 and team teach English in Year 6.

Senior School: Annette Williamson continues to co-ordinate SEND with Becky Manning. We will continue to support teachers and offer some in-class support, study groups and interventions.  We also will complete testing and applications of Year 10s for Access Arrangements for external examinations.

Rose Garden drop in sessions will now be by appointment only for Senior pupils