Using the menu below, please review the different sections to familiarise yourself with any adjustments to the nursery day from September 2020. If you have any questions at all, please contact Jo Watkins at

Opening hours

From 3 September, the Nursery will operate the usual opening hours of 7.30am-6.30pm. If your child attends for a full day, they are able to attend during these times. Breakfast and tea will once again be provided at the usual times for those attending a full day:

Breakfast: 7.30am-8.15am

Tea: 4pm

If your child attends for a short day, they must be dropped off no earlier than 8.30am and collected no later than 3.30pm as per the terms of the short day.

Drop off and collection

The government guidance remains that parents are not permitted inside the Nursery building unless essential. We consider breastfeeding and administering specialist medication that the Nursery staff are yet to be trained on to be essential. If this applies to you, please speak with the Nursery Manager for details or procedures. 

Otherwise, parents are not able to come into the Nursery including to drop off or pick up their children. Please see below for a detailed outline of drop off and pick up for each age group of children:

Tiny Toes
Parents dropping children in Tiny Toes will follow the path from the top car park down the outside of the Nursery playground to the gate leading into the Tiny Toes section of the Purple Playground.

Parents dropping off children in Footsteps will walk down the main path  from the top car park towards the Nursery building, enter the Purple Playground through the gate at the bottom to drop their child off into the Footsteps classroom. These parents will be asked by the Nursery staff to exit via the steps leading to the top of the playground, unless the children are playing in the Purple Playground and in this instance, you will be asked to exit back up the main path. 

Stepping Up
Parents dropping children off into Stepping Up will walk down the main path from the top car park towards the Nursery building, through the gate to the right to drop off into the Stepping Up classroom via the outside door.

Children will be collected in the same way.

Children in Stepping Up having breakfast before 8am: Please follow the directions for Footsteps drop off if your child is in Stepping Up and arriving for breakfast before 8am. From 8am, please follow the directions to the Stepping Up classroom where breakfast will continue to be served until 8.15am. 

There will be signage in place to help you to understand which way to go. 

Due to the close contact nature of drop off and collection, parents/carers who are dropping off or collecting at the Nursery must wear a face covering. Please ensure that only one parent/carer is dropping off or collecting your child from the Nursery building to limit adults on site.   

Parents must only use the top car park to drop off and collect children from Nursery. We ask that your car sticker is clearly on display on your front windscreen. Please let the Nursery Manager know if you require a car sticker. Parents of children new to the Nursery will receive one on their child’s settling session.

What your child will need

Your child’s clothes must be ‘clean on’ and please ensure your child brings in the following:  

  • A named water bottle to be kept at the Nursery.  
  • A bag of clothes – this bag will stay at the Nursery. Soiled clothes will be passed back to parents in a single-use nappy sack. We will accept replenishes of clothes in a similar manner. 
  • Outdoor wear – please provide your child with suitable outdoor wear that can be left at Nursery. This includes wellies (if your child walks), and a suitable jacket/coat. We would suggest that children have both a lightweight hoody or jacket and a larger winter coat as the weather in Autumn can be changeable. Coats worn from the car to the Nursery will either need to stay at the Nursery or be taken by the parent/carer after drop off. We will not be sending coats home unless they will be washed between Nursery sessions. 
  • A named sun hat for sunny days. A named winter hat for when the weather turns colder.
  • Children under the age of 2 may bring in a comforter that must stay at Nursery. This comforter must be machine washable and named. Dummies will be accepted on the basis they come in a dummy box, are named and can be left at the Nursery to be cleaned. Dummies will be used for sleep time only. Sleep sacks may be brought in. These will remain in Nursery to be washed unless heavily soiled. 

Children in Stepping Up are not required to wear school uniform however please ensure that shoes are suitable for outdoor play and active sessions, including PE.

On days that are forecast to be warm and sunny, children MUST come into Nursery with sun cream already applied.

Tapestry account

It is absolutely vital that you have access to your child’s Tapestry account as this will be our only form of communication with you regarding details of your child’s day. We have enabled the ‘Care Diary’ which you can access via the browser only. Here you will see the information that we usually share with parents such as meals, nappy changes and sleep. We will be using the Care Diary function for children across all age groups.

For Accident Forms, you will receive a photo of the form on your child’s Tapestry. We ask that you comment that you have seen and understand the contents of the form as soon as you can and always by 6.30pm. Your child will be wearing a pink wristband when you collect them if they have had an accident to prompt you to check. 

You will note that we have enabled the document section on Tapestry that can be accessed via the browser. Here you will find important documents including Home Accident Forms and Medicine Forms.

If your child has an accident at home, please ensure the Home Accident Form is completed BEFORE your child comes into Nursery and is sent, via email to the following:

The Nursery inbox :

Your child’s Key Person. Their email address is their first initial, followed by their surname and then (for example

We ask that, where possible, medicine is given at home before and after Nursery however if your child requires medicine whilst they are in our care, please complete the medicine form and send to the above email addresses.

If you would like to share with your child’s Key Person any changes in their routine since we last saw them, please add this to their Tapestry account before their first day back with us. Otherwise, we ask that you do not use Tapestry to send messages but send emails or phone us on the usual number.

Covid-19 testing

The current guidance is for anyone who shows any symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how mild, must book and attend a test site for a COVID-19 test as soon as possible. This includes children. If your child has a temperature, a new, continuous cough, or is telling you about a loss/change to sense of taste or smell, please ensure that you book and attend a test as soon as possible through the Government website.

We understand that children often get temperatures, usually for reasons not related to COVID-19, however any child who gets a fever will require a test. This is particularly important due to them attending a Nursery setting.

Your child must not attend Nursery and the household must isolate until a negative result is received. Please let us know if your child has a temperature and the date/time of your test. We ask that you let us know the result as soon as you receive it. If the test is negative your child may return to Nursery when they are well enough and in line with our usual sickness procedure. Our understanding and experience so far is that test results are very swift, often within 12-15 hours, but can take up to 48 hours.


If you are due to go on holiday, please inform the Nursery Manager via email detailing where you will be going and the dates of travel so this can be logged and government guidance regarding quarantine can be followed.


We anticipate and have planned for all children on our register to be returning to Nursery from 3 September on their booked days. If your child will not be returning, please let the Nursery Manager know.

Together again

From 3 September, the Nursery will operate as ‘one bubble’ enabling us to go back to our usual operating hours and work as close to ‘normal’ as we can. This will mean that children will spend time with different age groups again, as they did before, at times such as the beginning and the end of the day. 

Social distancing with such small children is very difficult and unlikely to be maintained consistently during play. Staff will not be required to social distance from the children so please rest assured your child will still be cuddled, their tears and noses will be wiped, and they will be helped with whatever they need, by our considerate and outstanding team.

I understand that this is a lot of information to take in therefore we will be making this letter available on the document section of Tapestry for future reference. 

The Nursery team and I are excited to be going back to what we now call the ‘new normal’ and are looking forward to seeing all the children, including those who have been away for some time and children who are starting their Abbot’s Hill journey. We are determined to ensure our Nursery remains the happy, exciting and stimulating learning environment that the children have come to know and love.