Health and Hygiene

Covid-19 Hygiene Measures

  • All pupils will be regularly prompted throughout the course of the day to wash their hands.
  • Additional freestanding hand-wash stations are located outside the entrance to buildings throughout the school.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available in all areas where hand washing is not feasible or practical and at all entry points.
  • Pupils will be reminded by staff on a daily basis to sneeze or cough into their elbow or into a tissue which is to be discarded in a covered bin and to clean their hands immediately.
  • Cleaning stations will be provided in all rooms and checked and replenished by the day cleaners.

We would appreciate parental assistance in continuing to promote good hand hygiene as a way to help stop the spread of the virus. We would therefore ask parents to reinforce the message that all pupils must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water once they arrive on the school site. They should also continue to wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day. When outside school, families are politely reminded to follow Government guidelines for Covid-19 safety.

Mrs Collier, Health Care Assistant
Mrs Foreman, School Nurse

First Aid Procedures

As pupils will be unable to roam the campus freely, there will be no direct access to the Surgery. There will be a qualified First Aider in each “bubble” who will be the first point of contact for any pupil suffering injury or illness. The First Aider will liaise by telephone with the School Nurse or Health Care Assistant (HCA) and under their instruction will administer any treatment/medication required.

Illness During the School Day

If a pupil becomes unwell during the school day and needs to go home, with or without symptoms of Coronavirus or any other infectious illness, the pupil will stay in their year group location maintaining a minimum distance of 2 metres away from other pupils and staff. The unwell pupil will be supervised by the First Aider until parents arrive to collect them. Parents must report to Main Reception to sign the pupil out and then arrangements will be made for the pupil to be escorted to meet the parent in a suitable location.

If a pupil becomes mildly unwell with a non-infectious condition which can be effectively treated with paracetamol/anti-histamines and/or rest, this will be facilitated within the location of their bubble

Medical Assistance

If a pupil sustains a severe injury or becomes critically unwell, the First Aider will call the School Nurse/HCA who will attend the pupil wearing full PPE in order to prevent cross-contamination between pupil bubbles. If the pupil requires emergency services this will be managed in the normal way and parents will be notified as soon as is feasibly safe to do so. If the pupil needs to be collected by parents, they will either remain in-situ or will be escorted back to their bubble location to await collection.


All regular prescribed and over-the-counter medications are to be scheduled around the school day and given at home, except for inhalers, insulin and adrenaline.

Menstrual pain, pre-existing aches/pains, and mild illness such as colds following a negative test for Covid-19, should be treated at home before attending school. If pain/discomfort continues beyond lunchtime, top-up paracetamol can be administered at school by the First Aider in liaison with the School Nurse/HCA.

Chronic Medical Conditions

Pupils with chronic medical conditions, such as Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy, etc, will continue to be supported with managing their condition in the normal way.

Pupils with certain specific medical needs will be given Priority Nurse Access cards to alert staff when they require immediate Nurse Assistance. When a pupil presents this card, staff will phone the School Nurse immediately.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

If a pupil develops symptoms of Coronavirus during the school day, parents will be contacted and will be expected to make arrangements for their child to be collected immediately. Pupils will remain in their bubble but kept at a distance of at least 2 metres from other pupils and staff until their parent/carer arrives at Main Reception to collect them.

Parents must arrange for a Covid-19 test immediately via the NHS Test and Trace Online Service

If the child has tested negative for Covid-19, they can return to school as long as they feel well enough and after any other applicable exclusion policies have been observed (e.g. minimum 48 hours following vomiting/diarrhoea illness).

In the case where a child receives a positive result for Covid-19, they can return to the school after 7 days as long as all other symptoms have passed. This is with the exception of a cough and/or loss of taste/smell as these symptoms can persist for a number of weeks.

In the event of any positive cases of Covid-19, the school will be advised by Public Health on whether or not any closures need to take place.